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The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

Acclaimed actor Jonathan Goodwin plays the great sleuth in The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes. The show  features the great detective recounting highlights of his crime-busting career. It also includes autobiographical snippets concerning his life and times, the adversaries he has faced and mysteries he has solved.

The show is directed by Gary Archer, from a script by Jonathan Goodwin.

AGED 11+

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Kettering Gang Show

Kettering Gang Show

Glendon District (Kettering & Corby) Scout Council proudly presents Kettering Gang Show with their 59th Gang Show, "The Mansion of Mystery".  

The Master of the Mansion has gone missing, and nobody knows where to find him. When Susie, Lucy, Stu and the rest of the Gang promise to help look for him, little do they realise what they are letting themselves in for.......

Join Kettering Gang Show as we explore the magical and mystical Mansion of Mystery. Will the kids manage to find the Master, break the curse, and free the other trapped residents of the mansion? You'll have to come and see to find out!

Billed as "The Ultimate in Family Entertainment" and featuring songs from some of the hottest musicals and grooviest pop acts performed by a talented cast of 60 young performers, this utterly hilarious and mayhem packed family show, is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your hands clapping!

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Waiting For Snow

Waiting For Snow

WAITING FOR SNOW is a story told by actors,

singers, dancers and musicians - an intimate

tale of life and love, distorted by the horrors

of the First World War. This production takes

place in a small town somewhere in England,

but these  tiny stories would have been playing

out all over the world; men changed by the

carnage they have had to witness and

women left to wait…

“There’s a white cross where the poppies grow,

There’s a name engraved there of a boy I used to know,

He was fair of face but battle made him less than kind,

As he died he cried, he grieved for the boy he’d left behind.

There’s a young girl waiting on the hill,

Even though her love’s returned, she’s waiting for him still,

He was bright and blithe of spirit, golden as the sun,

But a soldier takes his light and never brings it home.”

(Words and Music by Kaye Tompkins)

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Kettering Youth Theatre Group annual Panto.

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