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Waiting For Snow

Waiting For Snow

WAITING FOR SNOW is a story told by actors,

singers, dancers and musicians - an intimate

tale of life and love, distorted by the horrors

of the First World War. This production takes

place in a small town somewhere in England,

but these  tiny stories would have been playing

out all over the world; men changed by the

carnage they have had to witness and

women left to wait…

“There’s a white cross where the poppies grow,

There’s a name engraved there of a boy I used to know,

He was fair of face but battle made him less than kind,

As he died he cried, he grieved for the boy he’d left behind.

There’s a young girl waiting on the hill,

Even though her love’s returned, she’s waiting for him still,

He was bright and blithe of spirit, golden as the sun,

But a soldier takes his light and never brings it home.”

(Words and Music by Kaye Tompkins)

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